I'm Roni <rolle> Laukkarinen, Full stack / Front End web developer (which means some kind of a coder or nerd), dinosaur in social media age, craft beer enthusiast, music- and movie digger. I build beautiful and functional websites and tweet a lot. Lisää infoa minusta mm. henkilökohtaisessa blogissani.

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Digital agency


My movie blog

Craft beer enthusiast.




Amstrad CPC was released in 1984 and my father bought it and started to code BASIC, because he was not much of a player but more interested in computing and everything that can be achieved by coding.

Amstrad CPC

Right before I was born


Synnyn I see daylight at the hospital of Central Finland, in the city of Jyväskylä. I born as a healthy son for a young nurse mother and railroad engineer father.



Minä taaperona. I'm introverted soul already in a very young age. When I was four years old I was sitting on the kitchen table and said to my mom "i'm anxious"

By the age six I write and read a lot. Writing and reading becomes a dear hobby really quickly.

Peaceful and contemplating child


I get my first computer game as a birthday present from my dad when I am 5 years old. It has multiple thin disks and is so cool. I remember many games vividly, for example Rolling Ronny (whic was my first game). My father had a sense of humor for buying me that game because of the name, and my first internet nickname was ronny later, indeed.

First computer games,
Rolling Ronny
One Must Fall 2097
Jagged Alliance
Command & Conquer


Kuvassa käytän vanhaa 90-luvun tietokonetta. I get my first web hosting and webmail with the help of my father. I release my first website. I am about ten years old. The server is still online to this day.

My first website,
Inline CSS


I start playing classical piano. Getting into something else than computers or electronic music for the first time in my life. I take courses on creative writing by Risto Urrio every week and some of my poems are even published in the papers of Central Finland.

I sign up to IRC gallery (one of the first Finnish social medias, a community for IRC users) and Myspace.

Classical piano
Social media


I have already experience in early text, file or sqlite based content management systems such as cutenews and modern CMSs like Textpattern, but until version 2.0 I really get into WordPress and that's the direction I'm taking and staying for good.

My first WordPress blog Rollemaa is still up and running. Last blog post released in 2 days, 19 hours ago.

I sign up to

WordPress is released, I start writing even more than before,
Skills developing further


I get my Finnish matriculation examination from Cygnaeus in decent grades, only with information technology and creative design I get full points. Even the short math is clearly not my thing, no head for counting.

I know that I will not become a true backend programmer, but in web design I think I'm pretty good. In between of coding I get to know a girl on IRC and it's getting more or less serious relationship. I learn she is a deafblind person and I get into sign language, eventually learning it quite fast.

I sign up to .

Secondary school graduate
A girlfriend
Sign language


As soon as I graduate, I go to civil service. In Finland it's compulsory to go to army from age 18, but I refuse and take the punishment-like year of service in facility like non-profit jobs. I get a good job though and go to work at University of Jyväskylä, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. I learn a lot during that year. Long smoldered depression gets hold on me and I can't face people anymore, so my doctor releases me from the service and I get social anxiety disorder and major depression disorder as diagnoses.

I'm spending time at home for an indefinite period, but I spend my days coding and mostly blogging, also writing in subjects around civil service I get engaged with Veera in the Fall and married in the next Summer. However, this and the year before are the hardest of my life so far for many reasons.

Civil Service in University of Jyväskylä, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
Engagement and wedding

I sign up to .


After being in sick leave for a while, I go to job center for couple of courses and apply to work at Data Group computer store. Everything goes fine, but they are not hiring me as permanent employer. I'm stuck and broke, applying for jobs and not getting any, in the same time getting deeper in my depression and anxiety. I think I don't have any hope.

In the same time my first born daughter is born and I'm happiest guy in the world. I get something else to think, finally.

Kuvassa olen tyttäreni Lotan kanssa, joka on varmaan noin vuoden ikäinen.


I get invited to a job interview to Helsinki. It's a software company that provides a social media-like SaaS service. I'm thrilled, finally something I can do.

I start in my home town right away. There's more and more jobs in the web design field, I'm seeing that now for the first time, but I still think I'm lucky dude, because I don't have any education in web technologies. However, my employees think that the fact I'm doing so much coding in my freetime is indeed the key here.


I work hard, but long for new challenges. I'm starting to be better considering depression that seems like almost non-existent by now and in the same time I get more self-esteem and start seeing my work good enough and something to be even remotely proud of.

Twitter has bought Tweetdeck Inc and apparently finds my TweetDeck fork in GitHub, and I get join the flock invitation from London to go to a job interview. I decline politely, because I have already ideas about my own company.

Job offer from Twitter


With Juha Laitinen I start a company called Digitoimisto Dude (a digital agency Dude) and we start the business right away in the heart of Jyväskylä, Central Finland. And boy it is blooming, because even though we do a lot of contracting in the beginning, we are starting to get good customer base of our own.

Baby boy Manu is born in August of 2013.

Minä poikani kanssa, kuva otettu veljeni häistä 2015

First company
Digitoimisto Dude is found
A son is born


I have successfully delivered over 100 customer projects and at the same time coding SaaS service with colleagues as a side job. The result is Admin Labs, a web based software that notifies user when the web service is slowing down or actually down.

Second company
Admin Labs is found


My skillset is growing day by day, I concentrate on making better web and constantly improving my workflow and serving my customers better. I can be found on the internet in many ways, feel free to tweet me if you feel inspired!

Now and the future